Pho 91 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Pho 91 is one of the reasons we have visited Amsterdam more than once. Honestly and truly.

The first time we visited Amsterdam and ate at Pho 91, it was the final straw: we would do everything we could to live in the Netherlands. That's how profoundly satisfying that bowl of soup was.


Even when we visited again six months later to make sure we'd still like the city in the winter, the pho was still as amazing as we remembered. We even booked our lodging based on how easy it was to walk to Pho 91. It turns out the Oude Pijp is a happenin' place.

The restaurant only has maybe 20 seats, with large windows for lots of natural light. Much like most places that serve pho in Europe, there are only a couple varieties - we have yet to see a restaurant that offers the different combinations of meat cuts (tendon, flank, tripe, eye round, meat balls...). They are, however, one of the only restaurants that offers hoisin on their tables.



The flavor of the broth - possibly the defining aspect of any noodle soup - is spot on. The salt balance is perfect, it's not oily, AND they add Thai basil. Of the 3 or 4 times we've been, we've always gotten the pho 91 (meat balls are really hard to find). I've also had the Vietnamese coffee, which is just as delightful.

If you're looking for pho that tastes like it does in the states, go to Pho 91.

Pho 91, Albert Cuypstraat 91HS, 1072 CP Amsterdam, Netherlands, +31 20 752 6880