Takumi (Munich, Germany)


I had heard about this place for months, but I had never taken the time to go. The friends who recommended the restaurant are respectable enjoyers of ramen, and raved about the handmade noodles at Takumi. On the one day I tried to go, they just so happened to be closed.

Then, one dismal weekday morning in January, a friend needed a ride to the Munich airport. I happily agreed, and once I dropped her off safe and sound, I headed into the city. I still had an hour and a half to kill, so I simply wandered. Again, it was dreary, so wandering was not particularly enjoyable.

I learned, however, that David Bowie had died that morning.

It explained much of Nature's mood.

Despite such tragic news, Takumi opened and I claimed my seat at the bar.



The restaurant has seating for maybe 30 people at a time, and it does not take reservations. Luckily, being alone meant I could easily sit at the bar facing the kitchen as the tables quickly filled. I heard the gyoza were good, but I wanted to make sure I could eat all my ramen.

And goodness gracious girlfriend I did. I ordered the shoyu ramen, my usual go-to. (Pictured: miso ramen from another time I went.) The noodles lived up to the hype - they were chewy and flavorful and restored (some) balance to the universe in the absence of David Bowie. Everything, truly, was so deeply flavorful, without any ingredient overpowering the other.

I highly recommend going if you need to scratch the ramen itch. I promise you: it was just fucking delicious.

Please note: Because they do not take reservations, the wait can be long (easily 30-60 minutes). There is also no parking lot nearby. And rumor has it that they used to sell their own in-house instant ramen, but that is no longer the case (as of December 2017).

TAKUMI, Heßstraße 71, 80798 München, Deutschland, +49 89 528599