Poppin' the Cherry

I've been documenting our travels in my travel journals (yes, physical travel journals) for the past couple years. Most of my entries consist of details about the food.

My husband and I are almost always on the hunt for some type of Asian food wherever we go. The usual suspects are pho, ramen, and bubble tea, though we have also enjoyed dim sum, Korean BBQ, sushi, and more.

During our trip to Porto, we were reflecting on our Asian food adventures throughout Europe. We've had some big hits and some big misses, but overall, we've been happy with our findings. I wished, however, that there was some resource/comprehensive list of Asian restaurants that would appeal to those of us who missed Asian food, and while desperate, still had some semblance of a standard.

So here we are.

Since this idea came to us 2 1/2 years after we started traveling, many of the photos will not be blog/instagram worthy, so please bear with us as we improve our photo-taking skills moving forward.

There are also restaurants that have been recommended to us by trusted sources, but we haven't had the opportunity to eat at all of them (yet). Those will be listed in the Rumors section, and we encourage you to check those out, too!

So please subscribe and check back soon to help you scratch the itch.

- Chop Suzy