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In a time when communication feels constant, it turns out to be practically non-existent.

For the past 8 years, I have been emailing friends and family about current events in my life. It's been great because every time I send an update, different people always reply. More often than not, it's always some variation of "I always want to reply but never have the time, but I love getting these updates!"

As you may have seen on my Instagram and read in my blog posts lately, I recently moved to Rotterdam. It continues to be quite the journey - one that everyone keeps asking me about.

Amsterdam June 2018

And as much as I want to answer everyone's questions, it's exhausting and time consuming to respond to everyone individually. So I'm going to tell my long, epic story in a weekly newsletter.

If you read this blog, chances are that you enjoy reading what I have to write. You may even like me as a person. If you want to learn even more about me and my journey, why not sign up for my newsletter?

I'm not interested in duplicating my blogging efforts in this newsletter - that's what the blog is for. What I want to do is share more of my story with you and give you a more complete picture of my life. I plan to fill the gaps between restaurant reviews and Instagram posts with detailed anecdotes from my experiences.

If you'd like to get to know me better, scroll down to the footer and subscribe to my newsletter. The first installment of my epic journey will be sent on Sunday, August 12, 2018 and continue from there. You are, of course, welcome to subscribe (or unsubscribe) at any time.

The next post will be a restaurant review, I promise.