Phnom Penh (Nice, France)


Buffet style Asian food has never appealed to me. The first time I experienced an Asian buffet was in the early 2000s in Sacramento, California, and there were french fries and soft serve. I was mortified to realize that this was some people's idea of Chinese/Asian food.

Fast forward almost two decades to Nice, France, where Chop Suzy is quite intrigued by the food in the displays at Phnom Penh. It's not a buffet-style restaurant - more like take-out. But the dumplings and noodles in the windows were just too tempting. I was willing to take the risk, and I'm so glad I did.

I do, however, regret to inform you that I never took pictures of the food. It was before I decided to start this blog, so it never occurred to me that documenting this life-altering experience would be important.



The Ramen Marauder and I ordered egg rolls, veggie stir fry, hargaos ("hakkao"), and siu mai.  My initial reaction is to say "All things considered..." or "Considering the fact that..." But when it comes right down to it, I genuinely enjoyed all of it.

The dim sum experience of ordering steamers full of odds and ends and the Chinese restaurant version of noodles stir-fried to order both have their place. And sometimes you just want to stuff your face with dumplings in peace. Phnom Penh is the perfect fit for dumpling destroying.

Phnom Penh, 2 Rue de la Préfecture, 06300 Nice, France, +33 4 93 85 20 85