Yaki (Brussels, Belgium)


At the beginning of our time in Europe, we were not actively searching out Asian food. Though in our exploration of Brussels, we passed a large window with what appeared to be bowls upon bowls of noodles and rice. I was in awe of just the artistry of it, let alone the fact we had found a noodle spot in Brussels. (It turns out that fake food art is a thing.)


I was so excited about the decorative noodle bowls that I forgot to write down the name of the restaurant! I hadn't been as mindful of such things at the beginning of our journeys. A few days later though we finally stumbled upon it again for dinner - it was meant to be.

The restaurant is described on the internet as "Thai," though I would consider the dish I had to be Chinese, and there were definitely Vietnamese dishes on the menu, too. Such is the nature of Asian restaurants in Europe.

The restaurant itself is small, but luckily it was a warm summer evening and there was a table available for us outside. I was enamored with how the kitchen was set up: it was just a few ranges on one side and ingredients lining the other. The operation was admirable - one that I'd want in my restaurant if I ever opened one.



I ordered a noodle soup with char siu pork, and the Ramen Marauder ordered...some other tasty soup. Much like Nam Kee in Amsterdam, this char siu noodle soup tickled my soul. I feel like the BBQ pork is a flavor that appeals to many, but I don't see it as often. The flavors were clean, simple, and distinct. It was the perfect amount of food on a beautiful Belgian evening.

There were so many delicious-looking noodle soups that I wish we could've gone back again! I highly recommend visiting Yaki for your noodle soup fix.

There are two Yaki locations, but we only went to the Grand Palace location: Rue du Midi 52, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique, +32 2 503 34 09