Codung Sushi (Nuremberg, Germany): From Rumor to Reality


Côdung Sushi was recommended to us by DTV: Daniel Television (a.k.a. Taylor Made to Travel) at the beginning of 2018. While Nuremberg isn't far, our first opportunity to try it was when we went to see Avengers: Infinity War at the end of April.

Nuremberg has one of two theatres in the area that shows Original Versions (OV) of American films; however, it only shows OVs of select blockbusters, and the screenings are limited. For example, there will be at least one OV screening per night of the opening weekend, but after that, there may be only one OV screening per week.

We expected Avengers: Infinity War to be a big deal, but there was only one OV screening scheduled for its opening weekend: Thursday, April 24 at 11:45 p.m. in Nuremberg. On one hand, it was daunting that we wouldn't get home until around 4:30 a.m. On the other hand, it meant we could finally try Côdung.

Codung Sushi Japanese Asian Food Nuremberg Germany


Located just inside the perimeter of the Mitte, our table was on the second floor of the modestly-sized establishment. We each ordered our own appetizers and sushi platters: I had the spring rolls and a "Menü 7," while the Ramen Marauder had the seaweed salad and the...well, I'll get to that. The Menü 7 consisted of a California roll (4 pieces), a salmon roll (4 pieces), and then 2 pieces each of salmon, tuna, kingfish, and bream nigiri. It also came with a salad of mostly shredded daikon and a couple leaves of lettuce. It was all light, refreshing, and filling (in the way that sushi can be filling). And for those who care, the crab in the California roll was imitation.

The Ramen Marauder ordered the fried spicy tuna roll, but he also received the fried tuna crunch roll. We were all quite curious as to what it was: it had a green-tinted outside layer, and none of us had ordered anything like it as far as we knew. It turned out the color came from green rice flakes, not wasabi, and it was filled with cooked tuna, Japanese mayo, avocado, cucumber, and roasted onions. I didn't know what it was until later, but to me, it tasted like chicken salad in a sushi roll.

Codung Sushi Nuremberg Germany Japanese Asian Food Restaurant

If you have friends who are hesitant about going to a sushi restaurant, this may be a good place for compromise. In addition to their raw and cooked sushi options, they also have a selection of noodle and rice dishes. A friend of ours had the Bun Bo Nam Bo (vermicelli noodle salad topped with seasoned beef, coriander/cilantro, and roasted onions), which he seemed to enjoy thoroughly.

Côdung Sushi, Färberstr. 43, 90402 Nürnberg, Deutschland, +49 911 48 97 34 69

BAB (Grafenwoehr, Germany): Korean Food in a Small Town

Did you just PCS to USAG Bavaria? Looking for Korean food in Grafenwoehr, Germany? Craving something other than schnitzel? I recommend BAB Korean Restaurant, just a short walk outside Gate 1.

Kimchi Princess (Berlin, Germany)


After living in Germany for nearly a year, we finally made it to Berlin. Brooklyn Deferred wrote to us to say he would be there for the weekend, which was all the motivation we needed!


He was coming into the city late, so the Ramen Marauder and I decided to go on an Asian food adventure (like we do). I had done a bit of research before arriving (like. I. DO.), and we were set on going to a Korean BBQ restaurant called Kimchi Princess. When we got off the train, it seemed that this neighborhood was a happening spot for food. We walked past all kinds of tempting restaurants, including a Vietnamese place that looked promising, but we were on a mission.


We were grateful to be seated outside on such a beautiful summer evening. The sun had barely started to set at 8 p.m. and it felt like the city was just waking up. While we love our Bavarian town, it doesn't have the energy that Berlin has. I hate to exhaust words like electric and vibrant, but if I were able to see energy as colors, I swear that the whole neighborhood would have glowed neon.


Throughout our (first) time in Berlin, we found numerous Asian restaurants, which hopefully we'll review more of down the line. There are just so many reasons to go back...


We ordered kimchi tofu and dumplings to start, and had bulgogi as our main course. As you can see, we were pretty thrilled about the food. It may have been too much, but we deliciously powered through it all. We highly recommend going to Kimchi Princess for your Korean food fix, and when you go, let us know. We'd like to meet you there.

Kimchi Princess, Skalitzer Str. 36, 10999 Berlin, Deutschland, +49 163 4580203 (They also have a Korean fast food joint called Angry Chicken)