Nomo (Rotterdam, Netherlands): A Southern Food Classic and a Hong Kong Delight


My first experience of chicken and waffles was at Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles in Los Angeles. My second experience of the dish was at Sylvia's in New York. My experiences following were at various restaurants in Atlanta, and then when I moved to Germany, I made chicken and waffles on my own.

And now here in Rotterdam, I had it at Nomo Rotterdam, but instead of a typical syrup-trap waffle, it was an egg puff waffle.

Nomo Rotterdam Netherlands Chicken and Waffles Egg Puffs

I've noticed that egg puffs are becoming more and more popular for both sweet and savory dishes. We had stopped by Foo Concepts earlier that week and enjoyed their dijon chicken and pulled pork egg waffles. I've also seen them used as waffle cones for ice cream.

My first memory of egg puffs was at the Break Time Cafe in Cupertino. I was told that the egg puff waffles were a street food treat in Hong Kong, and that a family friend fondly remembers stopping by the carts after school for the warm waffle.

My second memory of egg puffs was seeing the carts for myself in New York. I was always on my way to the grocery store or coming from a dim sum date, and never took the time to enjoy one, regrettably.

And so now to see this fusion of egg puff waffles and fried chicken feels really wonderful.

Nomo Rotterdam Netherlands Holland Restaurant Interior Comfort Food Modern Plant Love

Over the past couple years, I've been interested in learning more about U.S. Southern cooking and black food culture. I have read a lot about how first and second generation Asian Americans cook to remember their culture, and after reading recently about the history of soul food, I realized that there is a similar - yet more painful - discussion to be had about Southern favorites.

I started this blog to help connect Asian food enthusiasts with Asian restaurants throughout Europe. I still thoroughly enjoy this, but over time, I've also realized I want to write about how the Asian diaspora has influenced how we experience their cuisines. Even more than that, I want to learn more about how other diasporas have affected food culture around the world.

So while this blog will continue to focus on Asian food, I encourage you to learn about other food cultures, too, and think about how you experience them. I'm sure that, as you continue to learn, you will enrich your experience of consuming such delectable dishes.

Nomo Rotterdam Netherlands Chicken Waffles Egg Puff Southern Comfort Food


At first, I was a little taken aback by the sliced green apple that garnished my plate. Why would I want something healthy with my chicken and waffles? But it all worked deliciously. The chicken was seasoned and not overly battered, and the egg puff gracefully sopped up the syrup and clung to the cheese. The best part was that, once I cleaned my plate, I didn't feel like I immediately had to take a nap.

I highly recommend going here for a delicious breakfast, a relaxing cup of coffee, or just simply enjoying a bookshelf of cookbooks surrounded by plants.

Nomo Rotterdam, Noordplein 57, 3035 ED Rotterdam, +31 6 45738999