Bubble Tea: Greatest Hits vol. 1


Sometimes the craving is so intense, you're willing to lower your threshold from good to decent: maybe you'll take comfort in a bowl of ramen that uses rice noodles, or a plate of lo mein that comes with a pork schnitzel on top (more on that in a later post). I've taken part in many a bowl of noodle soup that was so oily, I couldn't even begin to reason why.

One thing, however, that can never be comprised is bubble tea. I only have one standard, which is that the boba be tapioca, not that weird popping bubble stuff. Otherwise, we have not come across a bubble tea we did not like.

2018-01-14 13.31.20.jpg

Sure, sometimes we get less boba than we wanted, or the tapioca is a little under-cooked. But overall, bubble tea is a wonderful and comforting constant throughout our travels.

Below is a list of the ones we've visited so far, with more to come I'm sure...

Come Buy - Berlin
Rosenthaler Str. 31, 10178 Berlin

96 Zen - Budapest
Budapest, Kálvin tér 5, 1053 Hungary

Wowble - Sevilla
Calle O'Donnell, 5, 41001 Sevilla, Spain

Bubbleology - Pilsen
Center Olympia, Písecká 972/1, 326 00 Plzeň 8-Černice, Czechia

BoBoQ - Munich (CLOSED)

Bubbow - Amsterdam (CLOSED)

Lou Lan Cha - Munich (CLOSED)

Pho Time (Pilsen, Czechia)


My husband was a little jealous that I kept having beer bath spa days with my girlfriends, so I finally booked one for us.

To clarify: the beer bath we went to is not, in fact, a bath of beer. It's a bath in a large wooden tub for one, and you drink a delicious beer while bathing. After 25 minutes of soaking, you then lie down in the relaxation room for another 25 minutes, where you can drink another beer.

It may not sound like a relaxing enough experience that's worth an hour's drive, but it's actually pretty great. Especially since afterwards, we'd always get bubble tea! Oddly enough, however, my girlfriends and I had never looked for an Asian restaurant in all our adventures.


So The Ramen Marauder and I booked a relaxing day of beer baths, pho, and bubble tea! We decided on going to Pho Time, which was part of a mall food court. If you are skeptical, I can understand, but consider the fact that not all great Asian restaurants are located in strip malls. The flowered bowls and lack of English-speaking staff made it feel like a homegrown Asian restaurant on its own.

bowl of pho at Pho Time in Pilsen



We both ordered beef pho and spring rolls to share. It was served with lemon wedges instead of lime, and we were given a dish with pickled garlic slices. The highlight for me though was the bottle of REAL Sriracha!

Overall, it was a delicious meal. The broth was a little less salty than expected, but had a slightly fresher taste (which could also be attributed to the plethora of green onions). Next time I find myself in Pilsen, I will definitely make the effort to go back.

BONUS: Afterwards, we went to another mall for bubble tea from Bubbleology! Keep an eye out for a special post just about bubble tea...


Pho Time, nám. Gen. Píky 2703/27, 326 00 Plzeň 2-Slovany-Východní Předměstí, Czechia (no phone number or website as of February 2018)