Between creating your product, designing your packaging, and finding distributors, social media marketing and CONTENT CREATION may not be at the top of your to-do list.

Has it been challenging to build a community around your brand while also growing your company? Do you want to use social media to glean wholesale accounts and generate more revenue?

I would love the opportunity to build your brand through your social media community! After eight years of wholesale experience with juice manufacturer Arden's Garden and stuffed animal designers Blabla Kids, and then working as the social media manager with USAG Family and MWR, I have embarked on my own journey as a consultant.

I want to strengthen your brand's following by building a strong community around your mission. After evaluating your current social media efforts, I will create and implement a new social media strategy based on best current practices. I will provide reports and analytics regularly to re-evaluate and adjust the strategy to maximize engagement with consumers, retailers, and account leads.

To learn more about my services and view my previous work, visit my website


  • Writing copy: Descriptions on social media posts less than 300 words, blog articles up to 500 words
  • Graphic design: Creating images and material that fit various social media formats (ex: a holiday themed graphic to promote the product for celebratory meals, a promo card for demos and stores)
  • Photo editing: Brightening images, adjusting color balance to fit visual identity
  • Customer service: Managing the online community, responding to wholesale requests, customer inquiries, and issues on social media platforms, then forward to management as necessary
  • External content curation: Sharing content related to products and encouraging content creation by customers, including branded hashtags
  • Internal content curation: Coordinate with staff to produce photos and video
  • Scheduling: Compile variety of content to post across different platforms
  • Ad creation: Building paid ads to promote products or offers to tailored audiences
  • Research: Constantly learn new strategies and staying up-to-date with changing algorithms

Whether you need someone to manage all your social media accounts, promote an event, create content, or simply design a marketing strategy, I look forward to speaking with you.


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